We Care Your SMILE

We are glad that we have been restoring the Priceless Smile of our Clients, we continuously innovate to revive your smile, here are some exceptional cases we have performed.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A patient named Shankar Rao visited us with a chief complaint of inability to chew properly and had sensitivity of teeth.
We explained him about his problem, that is all the teeth have weared off(attrited). We motivated him to get a full mouth rehabilitation done. He got new crowns on all his teeth barring the two central incisors (front 2 teeth) as they were good in health and shape.
The patient returned back as one of the happiest patient we have treated with a bright smile on his face

Complete denture in HIV patient

A patient named Lakshmi Nageswari visited us. She was initially shy and couldn’t talk about her health issue. We spoke to her and counselled her. Then she told us that she is a victim of HIV virus. She said she was outright rejected treatment in many hospitals and clinics due to this condition.
We took her case up. Are HIV infected people not eligible to get any treatment? Should they be isolated? The answer from our side was no.
We used disposable HIV kit and took all the precautions to treat this patient.
Examination revealed infected palate and black tongue
We delivered a complete denture with a metal base to her, as the metal base will not allow fungal growth on the denture and hygiene can be maintained. We do not discriminate our patients on their health status.To maintain confidentiality, we are not disclosing pictures of patients face.

Obturator Prosthesis

A patient named Rajasekar visited us with a unique complaint.

He underwent surgery for a tumour on his upper jaw that left a big defect in his upper jaw. He was unable to chew, drink and talk because of this defect.

We took a counselling and boosted the morale and confidence of the patient. We made him believe that he can get back to his normal life. The patient believed in us and nodded yes for the treatment.

Result: Happy patient. “It gives us immense happiness and pleasure when we treat such patients and help them get back to their normal lives.”


A patient visited us with a complaint of missing front teeth. (name not disclosed). She was unwilling for implants.
So, we decide to give her a Zirconia Bridge that will fulfill her aesthetic demands.


A 60 yrs old patient named Veera Swamy came to us with a complaint of bad smile due to damage to front teeth (central incisors)

We decided to give him a direct composite veneer which will improve his looks instead of shaping the whole tooth and giving a crown.

implant case

This is a case of extraction and immediate implant placement. The advantage of immediate implant placement is to preserve soft and hard tissues.

The patient wanted a tooth immediately after extraction. So we did an immediate implant placement and restored it.